Radley Resources has been providing critical information to America's leading financial services institutions through focus groups and interviews. Whether you need to talk to the CFO, a credit manager, a travel manager or local retailers about their credit or information needs, we have the expertise to help you.

Surveys and Secondary Research

We make creative use of data that already exists. We find published and unpublished sources for analysis. We also conduct personal and telephone interviews. We have interviewed as few as 50 or as many as 400 people for a particular project. We know how to develop the most cost-effective sampling plan.

Focus Groups

Radley Resources has conducted hundreds of focus groups with executives, professionals and managers. All groups are conducted by Dr. Alan Zimmerman, a skilled moderator with over 30 years experience - someone with the skill to recognize unspoken hints and perceptions during a discussion. A successful moderator knows when to probe and when to change the subject. This sensitivity develops only out of a unique background and years of practice.

Marketing Education and Training

We design and deliver custom marketing training programs. This includes developing custom cases for hands-on learning. We will work with you to choose the most relevant thinking in strategic, business-to-business, services or international marketing to put together a course that will quickly bring all your people to the same level of knowledge. We use a combination of lecture, individual and group participation, custom overheads and videotape to keep the interest level high.

Recent Projects -- General